About Us

Founded in June 2014, HKmifi is the pioneer in Hong Kong, which is the first company to focus on providing inbound pocket WiFi rental service for visitors to Hong Kong, Macau and China.

HKmifi is a certified wireless service provider in Hong Kong. We deliver the best wireless solutions for those on Short-term travels, Long-term vacations, or business trips. Our network providers have been serving the largest portions of Hongkonger since the beginning of cellular history in Hong Kong.

We have the best knowledge base and customer support team in Hong Kong to address customers’ specific needs and issues such as service/device compatibility or language barriers with 24/7 support.


Be the best of travel service provider which creates different experiences for Hong Kong visitors.


To provide a high-speed, stable and secure WiFi network service to Hong Kong visitors.

To provide high quality of travel services for Hong Kong visitors.